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Longfei Yang-Chinese Martial Arts LogoMaster Longfei Yang started his training at the age of 6 in the Hohhot (Inner-Mongolia).

He trained in internal Seven Star Mantis under Grandmaster Li Shu Sen, a 3rd generation San Xi Ren Shi practitioner. In addition, he studied under Master Dong Xi Shen, a 20th generation Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan teacher.

Master Longfei Yang is the first certified instructor of San Xi Ren Shi Seven Star Mantis to establish a school of martial arts outside of mainland China.

He has made many appearances on South African and US television, in Black Belt and in several other magazines. He has appeared in and produced various instructional videos, directed martial arts action sequences in U.S. films, and has written several books including A Gateway to Chinese Martial Arts. He has served as a judge in international martial arts competition since 1999. At 2009 Master Longfei Yang Winner the “2nd International Tradtional Chinese Martial Arts Competition.

Master Longfei Yang served as Chief Instructor for the award winning National Kung Fu Team in South Africa from 1998 .

Since 2005, Master Yang Long Fei has been teaching in New York City, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. In 2008, he founded Xin Wu Men Martial Arts Association to further his goal of promoting Chinese culture and philosophy internationally. He is also currently a judge in an International Martial Arts .

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