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Taste Asia History

Taste Asia is a partnership between NTD Television and Epoch Times to promote Asian food and culture to New Yorkers.

Our journey started 7 years ago in a humble Chinese restaurant on Park Avenue where we held our very first International Chinese Culinary Competition. It was the first time Chinese chefs around the world came together in New York to share their passion for traditional Chinese cuisine.

The following year, more participants joined, and the scale of the competition grew. We changed the location to the banquet hall of Chelsea Piers. One of our biggest challenges was to find a large-enough venue equipped with proper Chinese stoves and heating systems for Chinese chefs. We eventually built a 5-station Chinese kitchen inside Chelsea Piers.

Chelsea Piers was still not big enough for our competition and in 2010, we made a bold decision to move the entire competition outdoors to Times Square. In order to meet the challenges of an outdoor cooking event, we had to design and construct five fully equipped Chinese mobile kitchens that resemble delicate Tang Dynasty styled pavilions. Soon as the mobile kitchen design was realized, we felt that the event has finally found its home, and it has been held in Times Square ever since.

In the past 7 years, nearly 500 chefs from 12 countries and regions have competed in the Competition. A total of $143,000 cash prizes have been awarded to winning participants. In 2014, we’ll return to Times Square with an even bigger event, introducing prominent chefs representing not only the Chinese cuisine, but also other Asian cuisines and countries to demonstrate their culinary traditions and techniques.

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